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CoolSculpting is the global #1 fat reduction treatment – here is why

Performing CoolSculpting on a patient

Hannah Aesthetics have been performing CoolSculpting treatments since 2014, not long after the technology first arrived in Australia. Our team of experienced Nurses have all been to CoolSculpting University (San Francisco, Hong Kong and Sydney) and have performed thousands of cycles. Our team has grown to 6 ‘Ice Queens’ providing consultations, treatments and advice to clients 7 days per week.

Is cosmetic tattooing right for you?

cosmetic tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is an semi-permanent treatment that naturally enhances your brows, achieving symmetry and fullness. It creates ‘hair like’ strokes using a micro blade which creates a natural, age appropriate look.

Up your ante with anti-aging

Up your ante with anti-aging

I’ve recently incorporated these two hard-core anti-aging products into my morning skin routine, and have already noticed my skin is visibly firmer, and more… “bouncy” (yes that’s my professional description ). Bouncy, supple, youthful.. all of those things.  Developed by a French laboratory leading in cosmetic medicine and skin quality, SKIN PERFUSION is a cosmeceutical range […]

Botulinum toxin Type-A, a brief history

Botulinum Toxin Type-A, a Brief History

Have you ever been curious as to how your anti-wrinkle treatment was discovered? Settle back for a brief history lesson…… Despite its glamorous connotations, you may be surprised/shocked to discover that it all started with a bad snag. True story! Let’s travel back to the C19th….. If you were unlucky enough to have lived in […]

Why is my skin getting worse as I get older?

Have you had good skin your whole life? Always used supermarket skincare with no issue? Or you may think those pesky skin problems you had as a teen had gone forever. Now you start to get into your 30s things start to change. You’re breaking out, fine lines are appearing, your skin is super dry […]

Feeling good about yourself isn’t a frivolous luxury, it’s an absolute necessity

Botulinum Toxin Type-A, a Brief History

As a busy mum, I know that at the best of times we are ALWAYS on-the-go.  We focus on everyone else first, and often put our own needs last.  We have become good at multi-tasking and generally have our routines “down-pat”. However –  “COVID 19 Lockdown” has thrown us into unchartered territory.  Those of us having […]