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Do we lift our faces to lift our spirits?

Do we lift our faces to lift our spirits

Please excuse the slightly tongue in cheek title, but this lockdown life has really got me thinking.
As hundreds of thousands of women work (or not) from home, often double-parked at the kitchen table with Year 5 Maths and a corporate Zoom meeting, hidden away from friends, family, and our world as we knew it, unable to have our regular hair, beauty, manicure and skin treatments, how do we feel about that? No social events so no problem? A relief for some from an endless cycle of maintenance? Or is there a more deep-seated effect that self-care has on our inner psyche and well-being? Do we FEEL good if we feel we LOOK good?

For seven years I had the best job in the world training hundreds of medical professionals in all things anti-ageing. It’s a fascinating industry to work in but what I loved about that role was meeting hundreds of fabulous women each year who were seeking out a cosmetic treatment. Women not only of my vintage but literally every decade from the 20s up to the 80s! Without doubt, their overwhelming fear was looking weird, freaky, or unnatural, and heaven forbid that anyone would KNOW they’d had anything done!! (Well, apart from the 20 somethings, but maybe we’ll save that for another Blog !!) I realised there was a huge commonality in their stories, we’re all in this ageing boat together after all…. from the fine lines in their twenties to the dreaded jowls, tired mid face, crepey neck and droopy eyes of the 40s, 50s and 60s. It dawned on me talking to all these women that nobody wants to look decades younger than they actually are. They just want to be the best version of the decade that they are IN! Looking less tired, less angry, less saggy becomes the mantra of the 40 plus brigade. Have you noticed, women often express how they feel about their faces by attaching an emotional attribute to areas of concern. So yes, I think we do ‘lift’ our faces to lift our spirits!

The other thing I’ve noticed, even pre COVID, is the increasing popularity of less invasive treatments with little to no downtime where the results are subtle, age-appropriate, and extremely natural. I think this is why the ULTRAFORMER III (TM) skin lifting and tightening treatment is ticking a lot of boxes for many of our clients at Hannah Aesthetics.

A revolution in the treatment of sagging skin, wrinkles and lack of elasticity, Ultraformer (TM) uses high intensity focused ultrasound to harness your skin’s collagen regeneration ability providing an immediate lift on the day of treatment but more importantly boosting your skin’s natural response to lift, firm and tighten over the next 2 to 6 months. With virtually no downtime, the treatment targets all those dreaded signs of ageing  – sagging cheeks, tired eyes, drooping eyebrows, loss of jawline definition, fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking fresh, glowing and subtly lifted. In just an hour and a half, you’re all done, out the door, and business as usual!

Definitely one of our favourite treatments at Hannah Aesthetics, and we can’t wait to see you when we open for a complimentary Ultraformer consultation. We think that might just lift your post-lockdown spirits after all!

Written by Haley Patten, Ultraformer Specialist and Aesthetic trainer at Hannah Aesthetics.



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