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Feeling good about yourself isn’t a frivolous luxury, it’s an absolute necessity

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As a busy mum, I know that at the best of times we are ALWAYS on-the-go.  We focus on everyone else first, and often put our own needs last.  We have become good at multi-tasking and generally have our routines “down-pat”.

However –  “COVID 19 Lockdown” has thrown us into unchartered territory.  Those of us having to homeschool kids throughout the various stages of this newly found term “Lockdown” – our routines are no longer down-pat.  Our routines are non-existent.  While it has been wonderful to spend more time with my family, I can confirm, that my cup has runneth over.

So here I am, writing this whilst sitting in my car in my own driveway, as it is my only “safe place” where nobody can bother me.

For the past eight weeks, my house is CONSTANTLY FULL OF HUMANS (and dogs).  It is always noisy.  Nobody is leaving to go to work or school at 8.30am as usual, in which I would utilise the day to exercise, clean, grocery shop, do everyone’s laundry, prepare dinner, run errands, maybe squeeze in a nail appointment and on some days go to work (which I love).

In these recent weeks I can’t tell you how many times I’ve screamed “GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!” and “NO!  You cannot have another icy pole – it’s only 10am!!” or have threatened to throw iPads in the pool if they don’t stop fighting (Which inevitably doesn’t work because they need them to do school work on).  Oh and don’t get me started on schoolwork.

So here I am literally hiding in my car parked in my driveway just to have “peace”.
And what I mean by “peace” is I need time where I don’t have to make decisions for six other people.  Where I am not constantly making to-do lists and thinking about everyone else’s needs.  I want time where I can breathe, not answer to anyone and give myself some TLC.
Fill my own cup back up.

Which leads me to realise the absolute importance of taking time out to look after ourself in order to good mothers (among other things).  Feeling good about yourself is not a frivolous luxury.  Its an absolute necessity.

It is OKAY to allow ourselves some time for ourselves.  After all we give to everyone else, we have permission to give back treat ourselves.   Nobody else it seems is going to!

So….what is something you’ve been dreaming of?   A massage?  An anti-aging skin treatment?  Perhaps some Botox?  Whatever will make you feel good.  You know you deserve it.   Schedule it in.  Smile knowing you are looking after you.  Fill your cup back up.

In honour of all fellow mothers who are struggling right now – I want you to know you are not alone. We need to learn to put ourself first without feeling guilty. Remember, feeling good about yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Author: Summer Barclay is a Dermal Clinician at Hannah Aesthetics. A medical cosmetic clinic in Mornington, VIC. Summer specialises in all skin rejuvenation treatments including Tribella 3 in 1 treatment, laser, peels, dermapen.



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