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Is cosmetic tattooing right for you?

cosmetic tattooing

Let’s talk eyebrows: 

Do you have sparse, barely there brows? 

Or are you wanting to add more definition and structure? 

Are you sick of pencilling in your brows everyday? 

Do you wish you could wake up with perfectly ‘done’ brows? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions then cosmetic tattooing is definitely for you! We understand that it might seem daunting and you may have a lot of questions –  we are all about education and offer consultations so you can be confident in the treatment, your suitability and most importantly, your results.

Cosmetic tattooing is a semi-permanent treatment that naturally enhances your brows, achieving symmetry and fullness. It creates ‘hair like’ strokes using a micro blade which creates a natural, age appropriate look.

I start the process with a consult where we go through your medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. We also discuss at length, the shape and colour you want to achieve.  I don’t use templates, I don’t believe one size fits all. I draw to your facial and bone structure, complexion, hair colouring and age. This way they are ‘the perfect brows’ for you and only you. I also draw up a shape that we agree on during the consult with a brow pencil and suggest that you go out and walk around with it on for the day, this gives you a chance to get used to a different shape/look, before the treatment.

The tattooing itself is completed over two treatments: initial and touch up. These are ideally 6-8 weeks apart. There are two different types of tattooing, we will discuss what method will suit your skin type and which method will help you achieve your brow goals. 

+ Micro blading imitates a fine hair like stroke giving a very natural finish, 

+ Misting is a fine needle that pixelates pigment across the skin creating a shadowed look. 

Many of my clients are curious about pain – there is no need to be concerned as I apply a good numbing cream. You can expect a scratching feeling and sound. Your eyes might water and you will probably sneeze! 

It is recommended that you don’t drink coffee or consume any caffeine before your treatment (yes I’m sorry but it’s worth it).

Book your treatment when you don’t have any social occasions or holidays on, you will be red and maybe a little tender on the day of the treatment and then the healing can take up to 10 days. In this time you have to keep your brows clean, dry and out of the sun. 

Final results are natural, soft and compliment your features. I can’t wait to meet you and create your dream brows.

Written by Hannah Hogan, Cosmetic Tattooist at Hannah Aesthetics – a bespoke cosmetic clinic on the Mornington Peninusla. To book an appointment with Hannah call us on 03 5902 8667 and ask to see our before and after photos. [email protected]

cosmetic tattooing before and after



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