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Why is my skin getting worse as I get older?

Have you had good skin your whole life? Always used supermarket skincare with no issue? Or you may think those pesky skin problems you had as a teen had gone forever.

Now you start to get into your 30s things start to change. You’re breaking out, fine lines are appearing, your skin is super dry and now even red and sensitive.  You start to think all of all the years you got away with having easy clear skin are now catching up with you. Or those teenage skin nightmares are coming back to haunt you.

You start to regret not caring about your skin for all those years.

Your supermarket products are not making it any better, if anything its getting worse. A quick Google search for new skincare and some full coverage make up is the first thing you do. But. They don’t work either, more spots are appearing and things start to irritate and burn on your skin.  Your friends start to notice, your sister points it out all the time, your husband or partner asks why you wear so much make up, your self -esteem starts to suffer.

You now find yourself at a skin clinic to help fix these fast appearing skin concerns, embarrassed about those spots and flaky red skin that have come out of nowhere.

You’re  NOT alone, and this is not as uncommon as you may think. This skin is not forever and with little bit of education as to what is going on with your skin and some specialised skincare your back to clear skin and easily managed.

There are 4 common reasons I see in clinic as to why your skin changes, as you get older.

#1 Yes it’s our favourite … Hormones!!

You might think your thriving through your 30s, but your oestrogen levels are not, it is around this time when your levels will first begin to dip and your cell turnover slows down, making your skin less tight and elastic, causing dryness and acne flare-ups.

#2 Make-up

Still wearing the same makeup as you were in your 20s? Or you’ve changed your make up to cover up these new skin concerns. With all these changes going down with your skin, your old products probably wont keep looking as good; your dryer skin could get even more flaky as your foundation starts to sit in those fine lines. All those chemicals? They wont be playing well with your newfound sensitivities.

Now is time to start using more natural, moisturising product to compliment your skincare and keep your skin looking fresh and youthful.

#3 You’re yet to discover retinol, or upgrade your skincare.

Welcome to your new best friend.  New found room-mate (night cream) that combats the skin ageing process by stimulating collagen, regulating oil flow, and lightening sun spots. There is nothing really this products cant do.

As time goes on your skin is changing, your oily skin has quickly turned into sand paper, red spots are not going away or leaving permanent marks on your skin. Brown spots are slowly appearing.  Ensuring your using correct skincare for your skin concerns and skin type is essential is maintaining and preventing further damage to the skin. It could be as simple as SPF daily to minimise pigmentation.

#4 Your wine obsession has grown

If you’re finding yourself having sips of wine more frequently, rest assured you’re not alone. Not good news for your skin though. Antioxidant packed red wine or not, they totally dry out your skin, making it look much duller, it can even make you look swollen, or even exacerbate skin conditions.  We will never tell you to get off the wine, but maybe save it for the weekend!!

Author: Sam Wheeler is a cosmetic Nurse and Senior Dermal Therapist at Hannah Aesthetics



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