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P-Bright Serum


P-Bright Serum Skin Perfusions 30mL.

Regulates Milano genesis, brighten and revives for uniform, clearer, purer glowing skin.

Thanks to the innovative combination of Phytic acid (used in many medical chemical peels), Vitamin C (powerful anti-oxidant), Arabino-xyloses ϐ1-4 and Papain-carbomer, this serum visibly acts on cutaneous uniformity, fades dark spots and brightens the complexion.

Phytic acid: used in many medical chemical peels for its visible action on cutaneous uniformity. Arabino-xyloses ϐ1-4: new generation complex coming from innovation in phytochemical fragmentation to visibly reduce the look of dark spots. Vitamin C: recognised as a powerful anti-oxidant, used to brighten the complexion. Papain carbomer: mild enzymatic exfoliator with a unifying and radiance-enhancing effect.